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We receive calls everyday with clients asking us "What is the process, how does it work?".  Our response is "We can come to your property for a no cost consultation."  We can discuss your needs and timeline.  Most people are concerned about hidden costs.  We explain that we don't have any.  We discuss all costs right up front.  All of these costs are deducted from the proceeds from the sale.  So there are no out of pocket expenses.  Once our fee is deducted, we send you a check immediately, typically in 3 days. 

We also hear the statement, "I have been throwing away junk and cleaning the house, I believe I am ready to have a company come in and take a look."  My reaction is, DON'T THROW ANYTHING AWAY!  What you consider junk, other people consider it TREASURE.  I have seen trash piles at estates that I have sold for considerable amounts. 

The other calls we receive are that the house has been sold and they have a week or two to clean the house out.  Our advice is this, call us immediately and let us help you work out a timeline.  It does take time to go through everything and research values on items.  Having less than a week is next to impossible.  Not to say we can't get it done, it is just very difficult. 

We provide references upon request.  We encourage our clients to call upon our previous clients.  Word of mouth is our best advertising.  

We are honest and we value our good reputation.  We disclose everything we find and make you aware immediately.  We have found pocket change as well as stacks of cash, hordes of coins, gold jewelry, silver pieces, passports, social security cards, credit cards, financial statements, collectibles that have been hidden and the list goes on.  It is our duty to make sure these items get into the rightful owners hands.  We take our reputation very seriously.  We believe that integrity is everything. 

Call us and see the difference we can make for you.